Datum: 10/12/2019

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"Take care of me Tour", Simone Cristicchi is back on the Rossetti stage!

The December stage of the "Take care of me Tour" at the Politeama Rossetti will be particularly exciting, given the artist's link with Trieste and his theater, where he has already collected unforgettable successes with "Magazzino 18". "

During this new tour the histrionic and unpredictable artist will retrace the salient stages of his fascinating journey: from "I would like to sing like Biagio" to "I'll give you a rose" (winning song of the Festival of Sanremo 2007) passing through "Less bad (that c 'è Carla Bruni) "to the recent" Abbi cura di me ". Monologues and songs will alternate in a show that will travel on the wings of divertissement and poetry "Can you imagine if we start flying between the mountains and the sea, tell me where you would like to go ..." "