Datum: 27/12/2019


New Year 2020!

On New Year's Eve a show will be offered for everyone, teenagers, teens, young people or adults, families or groups of friends! You will expect the stroke of midnight listening to the major HIT of yesterday and today for a journey through the history of Italian and international music in a LIVE SHOW animated by a DJ set signed by Carlo Pontoni, Stefy De Cicco and Alexino which will start at 10.30 pm .

On stage to conduct the evening Martina Riva, television journalist and face known to the public, flanked by the eclectic Andro Merkù who, thanks to the animation of Ben Hamilton, will not fail to remind the public of the behaviors to avoid to spend an evening dedicated to pure fun and light-heartedness!

From the 23 first live set of the Four Vegas bands that will retrace the unforgettable atmospheres of the 50s and 60s. The charisma of the front man Al Bianchi and the skill of the band's musicians will be able to recreate the right atmosphere. Countdown and classic auspicious toast with the Strauss Waltz and an exciting firework display and light show! Music non stop until 1:30 in the morning, first with the Four Vegas and then DJ sets that will see Pontoni, De Cicco and Alexino again at the console.